Cup Format

The tournament format changes each year dependant upon the number of teams entering. It has previously been a knock-out format, but has also included initial group stages followed by semi-finals and a final, and is normally spread over 2 or 3 evenings. There are traditionally separate cups for the different league divisions. The dates for the Cup are announced when the league fixtures are released, and the format and fixtures will be announced at least 2 weeks prior to the first games.

All league teams are automatically entered into the Cup. If a league team does not want to enter the cup they must contact the League Secretary at least 4 weeks before the first cup games.
Other teams can apply for a place by contacting the League Secretary, again they must do so at least 4 weeks before the first cup games.
Teams are seeded based on their league positions 4 weeks before the first games.
Players can play for different teams in the cup than they play for in the league, however can play for only one team in the cup each season.

Match Format

Match formats change each year depending on the structure of the cup, and are normally either timed games or best of 3 sets. The match format will be announced at least 2 weeks prior to the first games.

Previous Winners

2017 - Div 1 - Pars A. Div 2 - Sandbanks A
2016 - No cup tournament
2015 - Div 1 - Wessex A. Div 2 - Wessex Jnr Boys

The first round of the 2014/2015 KO Cup took place on October 21st, with the following results. The semi-finals will be held on February 24th with the final taking place a month later on March 24th.


Division 1

Wessex B           Sandbanks A
  Wessex B
      Panthers A
21-25 25-18 15-9 
bye           Panthers A
  v Wessex A
25-20 25-21 
Final 24/3/15 Panthers A
25-20 25-19 
Pars A           Panthers B
  Wessex A
25-15 25-17 
      Wessex Junior Men
25-23 25-16 
Wessex A           Wessex Junior Men


Division 2

Bournemouth Falcons           Spike Monkeys
  Bournemouth Falcons
25-21 25-22
      Spike Monkeys
25-14 25-9
Volley Wallies            Panthers C
  v Bournemouth Falcons
22-25 26-24 15-8 
Final 24/3/15 Wessex Junior Boys
25-14 25-22
Pars B           Sandbanks B
  Wessex C
24-26 25-20 15-4
      Wessex Junior Boys
25-16 25-11
Wessex C           Wessex Junior Boys


Match format

  • Matches will be best of three sets
  • The first two sets will be to 25 points, the third set will be to 15
  • In all three sets the winning team must be two points clear with no cap
  • Teams do not have to rotate server in the third set
  • Each team has two timeouts per set (including the third set)

As this should lead to longer games, each game will have an allocation of 90 minutes. This should be more than enough time but games that are in progress at the end of the 90-minute slot must end immediately.

If any games finish before the end of the 90 minutes, any remaining court time is yours for training, friendlies etc.


The teams in each competition are seeded based on the league tables after the games played on October 14th. Since not all the teams have played the same number of games, the seedings are done by sets W-L ratio and then by points W-L ratio. They are as follows:

Division 1 Seed Division 2
Wessex B 3.667 1 Bournemouth Falcons 5.000
Wessex Junior Men 3.333 2 Wessex Junior Boys 3.000
Sandbanks A 2.250 3 Spike Monkeys 2.167
Wessex A 1.000 (1.195) 4 Wessex C 1.600
Pars A 1.000 (1.045) 5 Pars B 1.500
Panthers A 0.444 6 Panthers C 0.857
Panthers B 0.063 7 Sandbanks B 0.429
n/a 8 Volley Wallies 0.273